Ralph Kilian

Managing Director, Development


Ralph Kilian

Mr. Killian became the Managing Director, Development of the Panda Power Funds in April 2010. Mr. Killian rejoined Panda Energy in December 2004 and served as Senior Vice President of Development of Panda Ethanol and Panda Energy until April 2010. From 2002 to 2004, Mr. Killian provided consulting, advisory and management services to various companies in the energy industry including the organization and management of a wind energy company. Mr. Killian previously served Panda Energy in many roles from 1989 through 2001, with senior management responsibility over business development, fuels, power sales, operations and asset management. Prior to joining Panda, he was Senior Vice President for Texas Eastern Gas Transmission Corporation and served in various management and engineering positions with Amoco Production Company.

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